Why is a Mobile website important?

Monday, December 12, 2011
Why is a Mobile website important?

For a moment, concentrate on that feeling you get when you hop online to find a company’s website, and you either can’t find it or you realize they don’t have one. Maybe you’re looking for directions or hours or simply a phone number and you are faced with the fact that the information just isn’t on the Internet. It’s an incredibly frustrating feeling that is becoming rarer as even the stodgiest business has come to realize the benefits of a website. That feeling is being replaced with the frustration of realizing that a business doesn’t have a mobile website. Your business needs a mobile web presence in the same, urgent way that you needed a website back in 1995. Here’s why.

To understand why a mobile website is so important, you have to understand the seismic shift in the way people access the Internet over the last few years. Millions of people now use smartphones and tablets to view web pages, to make purchases, to update their social media status and to access information. Many business owners say that their website is visible on tablets and smart phones, but unless you have a specific mobile website, chances are, people aren’t getting the information they need and that’s bad for your business.

Probably the biggest reason your business needs a mobile website is loading times. Most of today’s sites are filled with large graphics, pictures, Flash, streaming video and other cumbersome technology. On a laptop or desktop, these elements can load in a matter of seconds, but on a tablet using an unstable Wi-Fi connection, it might not load at all. Assuming the patchwork of bits and pieces of your site do manage to load, will people be able to navigate it using a smart phone with a 3-inch screen? If someone is on the go, chances are they’re looking for that same information you were: phone number, address and opening hours. A mobile website takes away all the frills and delivers a text-based experience that loads in seconds and provides all the necessary information fast. The number of people that are using mobile devices to access the Internet is growing rapidly and until mobile devices do a better job of imitating the desktop browsing experience, a mobile website is absolutely vital.

Even if your key demographics aren’t skewed towards mobile users, a mobile website isn’t that expensive to build and maintain and once they go online, the proper site is displayed depending on the device used. Part of doing business is keeping up the appearance of being cutting edge and many older shoppers are jumping into the world of mobile browsing with both feet. With the rise of technologies like Google Wallet, people are doing more than just browsing with their phones, they’re buying, as well. You can choose to skip the mobile browsing revolution but don’t be surprised if you start getting angry customers complaining about you being so behind the times. The future is here and it is mobile.