Why do I need a Mobile Version of my Restaurant's Website?

Sunday, January 15, 2012
Why do I need a Mobile Version of my Restaurant's Website?

More and more visitors to your website are now accessing it using a mobile device or smartphone. These users encounter a number of technical limitations when viewing a website designed to be used on a desktop computer.

These limitations include the inability to read text due to the small size at which it displays, and the delay in loading site graphics because of slower and/or spotty connection speeds.

Those coupled with the inability to view Flash animated sites on the iPhone, and you have up to 25% of your site traffic giving up and finding another site to view. A mobile menu is a streamlined version of your website or print-menu, that is optimized to display correctly on all smartphones and similar devices in an easy to use manner. Visitors no longer have to wait for a site to load, zoom in and out, and drag it from left to right to locate information.

This means customers visiting your site using smartphones or mobile devices access your site immediately, can easily navigate it and locate the information needed to make a purchasing decision.
What are the benefits to a website owner of an eMobileMenus.com mobile website?

Optimizing your website for smartphone users leads to increased conversions and calls to your restaurant or establishment.

eMobileMenus.com subscription packages provide FULL-SERVICE mobile website and mobile menu creation, to optimize a website for smartphone users with little to no effort required by the business owner. Once you sign up, the eMobileMenus team creates the mobile version of your website utilizing your existing brand (logo and colors), and populates all of the menu items so you don't have to do anything!

We understand that many our clients are not very technical savvy. That is why unlike other mobile website providers where customers have to build their own mobile website, eMobileMenus takes care of it from start to finish.

By making your site optimized for smartphones, you can recapture the visitors you would have otherwise lost. That means more people viewing your menu, and more people coming through the door.

The eMobileMenus subscription packages have no set-up fees, no contracts and are pay-as-you-go.  You have absolutely nothing to lose. For more information about our mobile website packages or to sign up, click here to view our Plans & Pricing Page.