Some advantages of having a mobile website

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Some advantages of having a mobile website

A mobile website allows you to communicate the virtues of your business to an affluent, technologically savvy group that is growing by leaps and bounds. There are many distinct advantages to having a mobile website along side your regular one. If you plan doing any business at all over the Internet in the coming years, it is absolutely vital that you have a mobile website.

Advantage #1 – Speed. Studies have shown that the average web surfer spends only seconds on a page before they decide if they want to stick around and learn or if you want to move on. When a person is running to catch a taxi, checking their email between subway stops or strolling down the street during their lunch break, you have even less time to capture their attention. A mobile site will load significantly faster on a mobile device because it is missing many time-consuming elements such as Flash animation, streaming video and graphics. Most mobile websites are text based and share the same color, font and feel as your regular site. Speed, or a lack thereof, kills in the mobile age.

Advantage #2 – Readability. Many folks who aren’t familiar with how mobile sites differ from regular ones believe they already have a mobile site since mobile devices can display their site. In reality, what you’re seeing is a miniature version of your regular site that is essentially impossible to navigate on a tiny, 3-inch screen. A site that has been created for mobile devices is sharp, extremely easy to read and even easier to navigate. Clicking through, or touching through, the page is easy, buttons are large and easy to see and the overall navigation makes sense. It really is like night and day when you see the two side by side on an iPhone.

Advantage #3 – Image. This advantage is a bit on the esoteric side, but a business is only as good as its image. What people think of you goes a long way in how likely a person is to give you their money. By providing a solid mobile website to your customers, you demonstrate that you “get it.” You are poised to take on the business challenges of the next decade and you are dedicated to e-commerce. Even if you’re convinced that your target demographic won’t use a mobile site, you are maximizing the chances of people discovering you. You really have nothing to lose by building a mobile website.

It may be an uncomfortable truth to realize, but modern business is becoming more electronic, not less. Internet browsing is becoming more mobile, not less. You can either jump on the technology bandwagon or you can be left behind. It may sound cruel but those businesses that fail to adapt will likely fail completely.