Graphics and Mobile Sites: Do They Ever Mix?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Graphics and Mobile Sites: Do They Ever Mix?

In the process of designing a site for your mobile users? You’ve probably already heard that you need to dump the graphics to avoid overwhelming your mobile users, and while this is true in most cases, there are certainly settings where you need to incorporate graphics into your site, right? So what’s a site-owner to do when you need a combination of graphics and a functional mobile site? Don’t worry – there are a number of solutions you can use.

First, identify which graphics are the most important to your site. While it’s okay to have the ones that are essential, you still can’t overload your site with graphics. Figure out what you really have to keep, then stick with those.

Next, remember that your image files have to be very small. The best file formats to stick with are the JPEG and the GIF. Most devices won’t support FLASH graphics, so that should be eliminated from your vocabulary completely.

Finally, working with a company that designs mobile websites on a regular basis is going to be a real plus. While you might save a little cash going it alone, if you’re trying to work in the right graphics elements, you may fall flat on your face when dealing with mobile technology in the world of graphics.