Build a Mobile Website With Better Usability

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Build a Mobile Website With Better Usability

It seems many companies are going for solid usability with their mobile website designs, but if you’ve browsed the mobile web recently, you may have noticed that several have missed the mark. If you’re working to design the right site with a high level of usability for your mobile customers, these tips can help.

Start by actually evaluating your customers. You can’t design a site with a great level of interactivity between the site and the user if you don’t know who might actually be using it. Look toward your analytics for help with this one as well as some of the usability testing tools on the market today.

From there, remember to decrease your focus on aesthetics. Sure, you want your site to look great, but it’s the content they’re really looking for, so make it as accessible as possible. Make sure they can move through your site as quickly and effectively as possible and that everything there is legible on a mobile screen.

Finally, become a minimalist. Your mobile site isn’t simply a mini version of your traditional site. Most sites today are bloated with lots of links, pictures, long navigation bars, as well as many other features.  That simply doesn’t work when you’re looking at a screen that’s around four inches big. Give them a full picture of what they need so they can reduce their navigation, give them an option to view your full site, and be done with the project.

Creating a solid mobile website isn’t as tough as you might imagine, as long as you follow simple rules like these.