5 Things To Consider About Your Mobile Website

Monday, February 06, 2012
5 Things To Consider About Your Mobile Website

Mobile websites are obviously an essential part of today’s online landscape. With so many people living by smartphone these days, getting a site that looks good and offers real functionality on the go can be tough unless you do some careful thinking. The needs of a customer or just someone browsing from a desktop or a laptop are far different than those of someone sitting on the train, iPhone in hand, trying to learn more about your company or order something from you or just read what you have to say. So, before you even book that design firm to build a mini site of what you already have available to customers, you may want to consider these factors.

First, remember that speed really counts. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working on a content article or your home page, making sure your load time is short and you get right to the point is essential. Not only do mobile users need faster load times because the connections can be shaky at times, but anyone browsing on a mobile device probably has other things to do at the same time, so it can be tough to wait while they’re trying to move on to something else.

Along with that comes the second major thing to consider. There are, naturally, going to be some things that take longer than others with your mobile site. During that time, don’t just make them wait. Shift their focus a bit so they’re not even aware of the hassle of waiting.

Third, not all devices are going to see your site the same. The mobile landscape is changing much faster than any technology we’ve seen to date, so making good use of today’s available tools can help avoid constant costly changes. HTML5 is a good place to start, as are the other best practices today.

Fourth, begin the process of building your mobile site by thinking about what your customers want, not necessarily what you have to offer. What you have is probably great for users sitting behind a desktop, but mobile users may need something different, so think about their needs first.

Finally, don’t forget to factor a bit a feedback into the process. If you’re changing features, check with people who use your site regularly. You don’t know how people are using your site, so make certain that you consider how well it’s working for them so you can make any necessary tweaks.

Mobile sites are an absolute must, but going into the process without careful planning may only leave your mobile users frustrated.